White people say “social justice bloggers” because they don’t know how to handle the truth

they can’t handle someone calling out their racism, they can’t handle someone saying that they’re privileged and everything they have isn’t just due to blood, sweat, and tears, it’s also because they’re white as rice. They can’t handle the basic definition of racism and people telling them that you can’t possibly be racist against white people when the system is set up for white people to succeed and minorities to fail. 

They can’t handle people telling them they can’t wear cheap ass american eagle urban outfitters headdress is appropriative and no they can’t wear dreads. They can’t handle people telling them that they can’t use certain words and they sure as hell can’t help black people reclaim the n word. They can’t handle someone telling them no when they’re so used to being raised in a culture that’s set up to give them everything. 

They don’t know how to handle the truth so they try to write it off. You know what white people? You can try, but I’ll continue to call you out on your shit and not give a fuck. 

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